How to Save Your Marriage on The Brink of Divorce

How to Save Your Marriage on The Brink of Divorce

You can save your marriage and avoid divorce even if you seem to be the only one interested. All hope is not lost, even if your partner does not want to work things out.

Visualize a marriage where it is just you two against the world, so much that no one and nothing can end the love you have for one another.

Picture yourself coming home to the person you fell in love with, your friend and soulmate and not having to argue every day.

Envision you and your spouse, with a love so strong, that you can survive any storm in life, together. If that is the kind of successful marriage you want, keep reading.

Here is a guide with simple secrets to how you can save your marriage on the brink of divorce. A solution to growing happiness and romance to your relationship.

Has your spouse lost interest or has left you already? Are you constantly fighting? Are the days of romance and amazing love-making long gone?

Do you find yourself pleading and begging your partner to stay with you? how to save your marriage on the brink of divorce?

You will soon know what can work for your marriage, and steps you can take to bring your love back.

As you will discover at the end of this guide, you might not need a marriage therapist after all!

What are the 3 most important things in a marriage?

Can you save your marriage after filing for divorce

The rate of divorce in America and all over the world continues to rise. A family is now an endangered unit, with many couples divorcing less than 10 years into their marriage.

You would be surprised to know that divorce is also a prevalent issue in second or third marriages.

Marriage is bliss but divorce can feel like a knife, repeatedly stabbing on your emotions and thoughts.

The separation not only affects you as a couple but everyone around you including children, extended family and the society at large.

Understanding the most important things in a marriage is vital for your relationship to grow.

This knowledge can help you save your marriage, even if the other person is not interested.


Do you know that your perception of your partner influences how they act? Perception is the root of all joy or evil in a marriage.

How you view your partner can make or break your marriage.

Marriage is an institution and you are essentially one of the two senior managers. In professional fields, the manager’s role is to bring out the best in people.

That is where you come in. You have the power to bring out the best characters of your spouse.

Your perception can inspire your partner to work on your marriage as much as you do.

Recent marriage research shows that a couples’ perception of each other affects their emotions and behavior.

How you perceive your spouse also affects how you respond to their actions or words.

Perceiving positivity can boost your partner’s confidence to be themselves and be honest around you.

If you always see negativity, they will slowly metamorphosis into all the bad things you see in them.


How can you describe the interactions between you and your spouse? When do you and your partner interact?

What triggers an interaction in your marriage?

The level of interaction in your marriage is a true measure of how successful your relationship is.

Different couples interact differently. Some share all meals; others eat at different times in different venues.

You will find some couples have inside jokes while others never joke at all.

A couple might be okay performing house chores together and another couple might prefer completing their tasks separately.


“What satisfies you?”

When is the last time you asked your partner the above question? Did you ask the question in a genuinely concerned way or were you in the middle of an argument?

Marriage is an institution where one invests their time, energy and resources. Just like any other investment, one expects returns.

Satisfaction is a mental state where you and your partner feel that you are benefiting from the marriage.

For example:
A man who is working hard at his job to provide expects to receive affection, comfort and rest at his house. When he comes home from work, he is looking forward to a hot meal, a welcoming wife and a blissful home.

A woman who has given years in loyalty, bore children, taken care of the home or helped pay the bills expects to be loved unconditionally and faithfully.

She desires attention, romantic gestures, appreciation and gifts (whether big or small).

One sign of dissatisfaction is always blaming your spouse’s characteristics when things go wrong, instead of looking at the circumstances surrounding the mistake.

A good example is viewing your partner as boring because they don’t want to watch the TV with you (even if they had a stressful day at work).

What is the number one cause of divorce?

How do you know if your marriage is worth saving

In most divorce cases, one partner wants to end things but the other is willing to do everything possible to save the marriage.

According to google, married people are constantly searching for ways to ‘avoid divorce’ or ‘save their marriage.’

According to research by marriage expert, Lee Baucom, Perception is the leading cause of divorce.

How you see your partner affects every other aspect of your marriage. From financial planning to sex, the house you live in, the time you spend together, influence from relatives and even parenting.

Other studies suggest that lack of communication and forgiveness contribute to marital conflict.

There is evidence that psychological response is the primary influence of how both you act towards one another.

We asked a few divorcees on why their marriages did not work and 78% gave perception as the answer.

Some of the responses we got were:

“My husband lost his job and for a while, things were tough, financially.

Everything he did was wrong…I hated the way he sipped his coffee, I disliked how he laughed, I even saw fault in him just sitting on the couch watching football…All that time, I was blaming him for finding a way of being happy in the middle of our financial distress.

It is like, I expected him to be sad, angry or stressed…on the other hand, he saw me as an unsupportive wife who was kicking him when he was down…He later found another job but we still ended up in a divorce.” – Emma

“When my ex-wife decided to go back to work and school, she had less time for me and the kids…Even when she came home, her job and degree were the only things she talked about…I thought she was being selfish…Now, I think she was just excited about being in a new environment and achieving her dreams.” – Rob

The brain areas that detect physical pain are highly sensitive to social rejection and emotional instability.

How do you know when your marriage is really over?

How do I save my marriage when my husband doesn't want to

So, how do you know if your marriage is beyond repair? Can a marriage reach a place of no return? how to save your marriage on the brink of divorce?

According to Lee Baucom marriage expert, marriage can be saved at any stage, depending on the partners.

However, it is not worth it saving a marriage that is riddled with violence and abuse.

There is a reason both of you fell in love in the first place. As long as there is a speck of affection or care and no abuse, then you can save your marriage.

Regardless of what your marriage is going through, there is always a formula you can apply. As you will soon discover, there are strategies to save your marriage even if:
• The marriage is at its worst.
• You no longer communicate.
• Your partner has already left the house.

Does separation work to save a marriage?

How many couples reconcile during divorce

Sometimes, living separately can help you recover your marriage. Some couples find temporary separation as the answer to reconnecting.

It can be a period of forgiveness, healing and a fresh commitment.

The time you spend apart might give you a new perspective of your marriage.

However, what you do or don’t do during the separation will determine whether you will eventually get back together or not.

The theory that space and time apart can help to strengthen a marriage is highly dependent on the reasons why you want to divorce.

It is not uncommon to find that while one person is holding on to keep the other around, the other wants to be alone.

Unfortunately, separation does not work for all couples. Your partner might even meet someone new.

Are you and your spouse separate? Do you miss coming home to them every day? Does their scent still linger in your home, even if they have already left?

By following Key strategies to saving your marriage, your relationship has hope of growing again, even during a temporary situation.

The above strategies can help you turn the distance into a powerful tool to improve communication, perception and satisfaction.

Step by step, you will learn how to cultivate romance and live together again.

How do you deal with a struggling marriage?

When to call it quits in a marriage

how to save your marriage on the brink of divorce? To deal with a struggling marriage, you must find the cause of all your problems and formulate solutions. Just like everything else in life, you must apply effort to be successful.

Social relationships play an important role in health and fitness.

According to a study by Psychosom Med, divorce increases the mortality rate by up to 23%. This means that people in a struggling marriage are more susceptible to stress-related chronic diseases.

Neuropeptide oxytocin, also known as the ‘love hormone’ can protect you from diseases.

A high-quality and happy marriage can help you live longer, improve your mental wellness and increase your chances at financial success.

That is why you must know how to deal with marital stress.

• Take care of your physical and mental health, both yours and your partner’s.
• Look at your marriage from a third-eye view.
• Find non-toxic ways to deal with your anger (meditation, exercise, listening to relaxing music or motivational speeches, taking a nap, going on a walk etc).
• Get help.

What are the signs of a failed marriage?

When should you walk away from your marriage

If you notice the following signs in your marriage, it is time for you to act.

1. No physical intimacy – Sex is the only thing that makes marriage unique, from all other relationships.
2. You are constantly attacking and blaming each other for your failing marriage.
3. You can no longer communicate – You feel like you are not being heard and you are not listening to your partner.
4. You are thinking of having an emotional affair – You regularly find yourself flirting or thinking of someone else.
5. Your partner is not the first person you call when you have either good or bad news.
6. You no longer enjoy spending quality time together – Whenever both of you are in the same location, you drift apart to spend time with other people or do your separate things.
7. You no longer care about each other’s dreams, desires or ambitions.
8. Both of you are not willing to get any help with saving your marriage.

What causes marriage failure?

Can a toxic marriage be saved

Different couples have varying reasons for wanting a divorce. However, these are the most common reasons why marriages fail.

1. Sexual dissatisfaction and lack of physical intimacy.
2. Mid-life crisis.
3. Financial frustrations.
4. Extremely different interests.
5. Drug addictions.
6. Change of life principles and values.
7. Not seeing quality time together.
8. Influence from extended relatives.
9. Focusing more on your kids than on your partner.
10. Poor communication.
11. Carrying grudges and repeatedly referring to past mistakes.
12. Broken trust.
13. Cheating, whether physically or emotionally.

What is the key to a happy marriage?

What do you do when you are not happy in your marriage

Imagine coming home to a night full of laughter, love and romance? Picture a marriage where you are each other’s best friend and you can comfortably talk about anything.

That happily-ever-after life you craved for when you got married is possible. You can achieve a successful marriage, characterized by joy, understanding, commitment, friendship and romance.

There are many tips to a happy marriage online but not all work. Every person is different and so is every marriage.
However, you can start with the basics including;

1. Better communication – Calmly expressing your feelings and listening to your spouse to understand their emotions.
2. Spicing up your sexual interaction – Openly discuss what works for both of you and try to make sex interesting.
3. Create time for one another – Find a way to spend quality time together, doing something that both of you enjoy.
4. Be honest with one another.
5. Allow some personal time – Plan for days when each of you can do what they like. Whether it is taking a class, going out with friends, meditation, taking a short trip etc.
6. Disagree with love – It is impossible to agree on absolutely everything. Whenever you disagree, do it respectfully and try not to be angry about not having your way.
7. Forgive – Human is to error. Calmly deal with mistakes, forgive your partner and move on without harboring any grudge.

What are the five stages of marriage?

Are you wondering when things suddenly changed in your relationship? What happened to the old blissful days? how to save your marriage on the brink of divorce?

You are not alone. Marriages grow and evolve. The most important thing is that you are there for each other through every step of the way.

Romance or Courtship Stage

In this phase, you have just met, you go on dates every week and you are still learning about each other.

Here everything is fantastic and both of you are exhibiting the best things about yourselves.

Physically, you are producing an astounding number of endorphins, which significantly improves your moods. You are happier than you have ever been.

Familiarization or Adjusting Stage

It starts to dawn on you that your spouse is human, prone to making mistakes. You begin to notice their flaws and you can no longer ignore their small annoying habits.

You are still releasing a significant number of endorphins. Therefore, you are able to overlook some shortcomings.

Communication, honesty and trust are the most important things in this stage.

Learn how to manage and resolve conflict respectfully without casting blame on each other.

Distress or Power Struggle Stage

You still believe that it is bad to disagree, so you pull away from each other. You are becoming aware that you are two different people, with varying interests and personalities.

If you don’t find an amicable way of solving conflict, you can end up resentful of each other.

Stability or Reconciliation Stage

Making it to this stage means your marriage is strong enough to last throughout your lives.

At the end of the article, you will see how you can reach this point of friendship and peace and in your marriage.

In this stage, you can manage your differences without holding grudges.

You trust each other and you are your partner’s best friend.

Acceptance or Commitment Stage

Can I just walk out of my marriage

At this level, you have a clear idea of who your partner is – their faults, weaknesses, strengths, fears, likes, dislikes, etc. Yet, you decide to commit your body, mind and soul to love this person for the rest of your life.

Reaching this stage means you are with your spouse because you have chosen them.

It is a sign that you can communicate without hurting or dismissing the other person’s feelings.

Take action to save your marriage and nurture the love that you both once shared.

Fostering commitment, trust, love, communication and positive perception in your marriage is an achievable task.

So, how to save your marriage on the brink of divorce?

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