Positive Parenting Solutions Review

Positive Parenting Solutions Review

With over 15 years in the industry, Positive Parenting Solutions has helped over 75,000 parents and gained the trust and interest of over 1.3 million people. So, will the program work for you? Can the course make you a better parent? You will find out in the Positive Parenting Solutions review below.

How do you know if you need Positive Parenting Solutions?

What is Positive Parenting Solutions

How often do you yell at your kids? Are you used to repeating instructions and rules to your children?

“Leave me alone.” Is this a common statement uttered by your teenage children?

Let us discuss meal times in your family. Do the kids help set the table, gratefully eat their meals, and help clear the table?

Let us talk about tantrums. What do your children do when you fail to give them exactly what they want?

Do they bang doors, throw a fit, or give you a silent treatment?

At what times do your kids go to bed? Are they asleep by 8 pm or do you have to sleep with your toddlers for them to fall asleep?

Is your teenage daughter or son on their computer till the wee hour of the morning?

We can list so many problems that parents go through because trust me, every parent is going through something.

There is no perfect home, not even one.

“My children are disciplined and always quiet. I don’t think I need Positive Parenting Solutions.”

Well, surprise, surprise! Even with the most disciplined child, there could be issues with communication and opening up.

How well do you know your most well-behaved children?

Studies at the University of Waterloo proves that withdrawn children are likely to suffer from mental issues.

As you will come to learn, too much obedience could be a sign of psychological issues.

It could mean you are neglectful to some of your child’s personalities.

Not forgetting that your child might have communication or self-esteem problems that make it hard for your kid to be themselves around you.

How is the free parenting class?

Before we can dive into pricing, it is worth telling you that they are currently offering a 1-hour Free Parenting Class through their online webinar.

Even better, you get 30 minutes to ask the course leader, Amy McCready, all the parenting questions you might have.

Good news for you! The class is available in the evening and morning, meaning you can access those parenting strategies anytime during the day.

You don’t have to pay anything, it is free-of-charge. So, you lose nothing by trying. I highly recommend this course to all parents.

By the end of every class, you will come out better at communication, being a figure of authority for your kids, and giving parental love.

When is the right time to get help with my parenting?

How Much Does Positive Parenting Solutions Cost

Now, today, this very moment. It is never too early or too late to become a better parent.

Remember, you are molding another human being to become the best version of themselves.

Even a slight miscalculation or poor judgment can affect your kid’s chance of being successful in life.

Financial success, physical health, and fitness and empathy for others must be cultivated as early as possible.

The sooner you start creating a new focused direction for your children, the more successful they will be.

I know that parenting is a difficult job. From experience with my children and what I have heard from other parents.

It is so easy to get frustrated and almost want to ‘wash your hands’ sometimes.

I was searching for the ultimate parenting model to use for myself and refer my clients. Then I found this program and tried it out.

Now, I can honestly say that Positive Parenting Solutions comes with the best practical parenting solutions out there.

Before I could recommend it to my counseling clients, I had to go through the whole thing.

I needed to be sure that the program offers real-life solutions to real-life issues.

Today, I am glad that I stumbled upon it on the internet and the parents whom I shared it with are even happier.

Success stories

Throughout my career, parents have come to me with issues you wouldn’t believe. Do you think your children are hard to micromanage?

Try asking around and you will hear that there are crazy parent-child relationships out there.

I sent several parents to this parenting class and I saw results.

So, when you come to me with child-related problems I mainly do two things; help you save your marriage or relationship from the chaos that comes with kids and refer you to Positive Parenting Solutions class.

The program has helped over 75000 families so far and we cannot fit all the success stories in this review.

However, these are some of the success stories I have heard from my clients.

We can enjoy sex again

“Before we joined the program, our sex life was fading. There would be no action for two, three, even four weeks in a row.

With our toddler son’s bedtime tantrums, our teenage daughter refusing to help around the house and endless chaos.

By the time everyone sleeps it would be about 10:30 and we were too tired to even kiss goodnight.

Now, we couldn’t be happier. Things are going down! In all the good ways.” – Emma and Luther

We created a genius

Get Your Kids to Listen Without Yelling

“Mentioning books and homework was a recipe for a world war in our house.

Our 10-year-old hated school with a passion. (Visiting his uncle who has a successful business despite never stepping into a class might have contributed to these feelings)…Thanks to Positive Parenting Solutions, we found a way of inspiring interest in him…he even came to discover that he loves science and now he is a little genius.

Honestly, I am amazed at how he came from hating books to being a math and science wiz.” – Jessica and Lucas

Who’s laughing now?

“Four kids in one house are no joke, I was used to yelling so much that I almost bought a speaker.

My kids would drive me so crazy, that I turned my pantry into a panic room.

Whenever I felt overwhelmed, I would lock myself in there for five minutes straight, pacing and taking deep breaths…Thanks to Amy’s course, I can now afford to laugh.

They do their chores and homework comfortably, without me screaming my lungs out.” – Sarah

Awakened taste buds

“Honestly, there was a time I could not enjoy a glass of wine without stopping to solve sibling rivalry issues (I have two daughters and one son).

You could have put iced tea in my bottle and I wouldn’t notice…This course helped me cultivate understanding and communication in my family…Now, I enjoy wine, with every drop on my tongue.

Life is so good, I might even start a wine review channel on YouTube.” – Rachel

Daddy of the year

“We came from arguments and fracas in the house, to my kids creating a ‘daddy of the year’ poster for me on my birthday…The best part is, it was their initiative, my wife had nothing to do with it.” – Johnson

What is the importance of positive parenting?

Online Parent Coaching Course

Positive parenting is a strategy that involves raising children in an encouraging and supportive environment.

It concentrates more on the authoritative parenting model, whereby, you instill discipline through proper communication.

Benefits of positive parenting include;

Better relationships

You are more responsive, consistent, and sensitive to the interactions you have with your children. In turn, the kids feel secure confiding in you.

Role model

This approach allows parents to set a positive example for their children.

Confidence and higher self-esteem

Positive parenting involves teaching your children to love and appreciate themselves.

So, instead of shouting at your kids when they misbehave, you calmly explain to them why it is wrong and the consequences.

Lower-risk of drug and alcohol abuse

A parental study by the University of Southern Mississippi established that positive parenting significantly reduces the risk of children turning to drugs and alcohol.

Higher academic excellence

Positive parenting styles breeds a good environment for children to pursue academic success.

Better physical health

There is scientific evidence that positive parenting facilitates better physical and mental health in children.

Is positive parenting effective?

When is it time to get help with parenting

Being responsive and sensitive to your children’s needs and personalities will go a long way to empowering them.

Positive parenting is vital in all stages of life; from when a child is an infant to toddlers, teenagers, and even young adults.

Building a positive space in your home creates consistency and stability. Your child sees you as dependable, which in turn, increases their trust.

Research by the American Psychological Association on links between adulthood and childhood behavior reveals insightful results.

The study cites that children with minimal parental support are prone to depression, chronic health problems, and mental issues.

When you give your children a happy, healthy, and disciplined childhood, you are protecting them from diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular issues, kidney disease, urinary problems, and diabetes.

The happier your children are, the better their quality of life.

Remember that creating a positive environment does not mean spoiling your child silly.

You must know how to teach your children self-control without giving up your controlling rights as a parent.

Moreover, you should learn how to give your children love and affection, while inspiring them to be independent.

That is why I am recommending the Positive Parenting Solutions program today.

Positive Parenting Solutions FAQ

Review of the Free Parenting Class

Is the class completely free?
Yes, the class is free, you don’t have to pay a single cent.

I have a busy schedule, when are the classes available?
You can join the class whenever you can. Just sign up and select the ideal time, according to your schedule.

Where can I access the training?
Anywhere, anytime, with a compatible device that connects to the internet.

How long are the classes?
The lesson on how to deal with indisciplined kids goes for approximately an hour.

You can then ask questions and get answers for another 20 or 30 minutes.

How do I know if this course will work on my children?
The program is designed to help all types of kids and parents.

Regardless of your marriage status, sexual identity, profession, or religion. Furthermore, it has helped over 75,000 parents achieve order in their homes.

What is the Positive Parenting Solutions program?

What Other Parents Had to Say About the Webinar

This is an all-rounded program to help you notice and address issues that you didn’t even know existed in your family.

Children are different and their needs evolve as they grow.

You are a huge determiner on whether your children will be successful in life or not.

Research cites that parents can affect important habits in their children. From financial discipline to Academic excellence and social skills.

You are the one responsible for your child’s behavior, attitude, and perspective.

Yes, there are many factors including the environment but you are the ultimate compass in their lives.

Many parents are surprised when I tell them that their children are a direct reflection of their parenting styles.

There is nothing like ‘that is how my baby is.’ You can change that baby for the better by exerting the best parenting strategies in life.

How to be a better parent you ask? The parent has authority over the child, the child does not have authority over the parent.

Positive Parenting solutions encourage parents to; Decode, commit, act, succeed, and repeat.

Common issues addressed in Positive Parenting Solutions

Homework problems

While some children avoid doing their homework, others do it hurriedly and another group copies the whole thing.

Bullying and trolling

This is a huge problem in America, whether your child is the one doing the bullying or is the victim.

Chores and allowances

Do your children help around the house? And when they do chores, is it in an enthusiastic spirit, or do they grumble till the chore is done?

Do they help around the house for the sake of being helpful or do you always have to give an allowance?

Mealtime issues

What is your kids’ attitude toward organic and healthy meals? A study shows that fruits and vegetables make children happier, healthier, and smarter.

How often do you have to soothe your toddler to eat their food?

Technology addictions

When was the last time your children put down their phones and spent screen-free time with the rest of the family?

Who controls what plays on the TV in the house? Do you even know where the remote is right now, as you read this article?

Sex talks

Many parents avoid sex talks with their children and if they do it, the talk is done in a rush and an awkward manner.

Is your child conscious about their bodies? What is your kid’s opinion on gender differences? Is your teenager sexually active?

Bedwetting and Potty discipline

Now it is time to address that bedwetting issue. As you will soon come to see, your toddler does not need a macintosh in their bed.

By the end of the program, you will know how seamlessly improve your child’s toilet habits.

Bedtime battles

You thought it was impossible to put your baby to bed by 8 pm? You are wildly wrong. There is a secret but simple formula you can use to ensure smooth bedtime?

Backtalk and disrespect

When your child talks back to you, they are downplaying your position as a parent and it will cost them in the future.

Children who disrespect their parents are more likely to become criminals or delinquents in the future.

Divorce, separation and shared custody

Divorce is a leading cause of child depression in America. According to studies at the University of South Carolina, children of divorced parents academically perform poorer than children in stable families.

You can still create a positive environment and be great parents even if you are divorced or separated.

Entitlement and work discipline

So, how do you teach your children the importance of hard work and provide for them at the same time? Additionally, what is the balance between making your children happy and spoiling them?

Morning routines

Mornings shape the rest of the day. The attitudes we wake up with affect our chances of success. So, what is your child’s attitude in the morning? Are they enthusiastic when they wake up?

Prepare your kids for success in life

It works for children of all ages

Time to take action and give your kids the best gifts in life – discipline, self-control, self-validation, health, and excellence.

By starting today, your children have higher chances of achieving their dreams and being physically fit.

By the end of the course, your child will be orderly, respectful, disciplined, focused, and healthier.

You also become a better person, as you get time to focus on other interests in your life including career, marriage, and hobbies.

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